Reese in Elaborate Detail

It’s August 2 already, which means that now is the time that Mary and I reminisce of how the first month of Reese’s life has flown by.  One short month ago I was rubbing my dear wife’s shoulders and stroking her hair as she pushed for 3 hours.  Between every contraction I turned away to take a sip of water.  The last thing I wanted to do was get light headed and pass out.  Little Reese arrived at 8:44, but needed a vacuum pull to get her out.  I knew right then and there that I had a daughter that was a stubborn fighter.  So let’s get to know our daughter a little better, shall we?  And hopefully you’ll get a vivid glimpse of what the first month of her life has looked like.

Sleep Deprived

Friends and family all around us held up Warning signs so we were aware that there would be a lack of sleep in our household for quite a while.  Smacking our lips with nervous smiles, we laughed it off as something that was funny, subconsciously thinking, “No big deal.  We can handle it.”  I can count numerous times when I’ve awakened in the morning, walked out to our loft area, and found my wife and daughter dead asleep on the couch together.  Reese out cold on her pink horseshoed boppy and Mary’s head awkwardly thrown back on the back of the couch, with mouth wide open and drool inching ever so closely to the edge of her lips.  If that doesn’t paint a picture of exhaustion, then…blame it on the author I suppose.

The Never Ending Scream

This scream usually goes like this.  Slowly, Reese starts moving around, beginning to flail her arms and legs in and attempt to wake up.  Her face tightens up with her eyes still closed.  The color of her face soon turns from sweet and soft to angry and red, but still no sound.  She holds every hungry desire and anger in the sweet little face of hers until she unleashes a blood curdling scream that probably awakens the whole western hemisphere.  This is the scream that is constant and that scares us the most.  It’s a scream that sounds painful and sends us foolishly scrambling around trying to find a solution to make our daughter happy once again.  Not fun!

The Random Cute Yelp

And then there’s what I like to call an adorable yelp.  She could be as happy as can be when randomly she’ll let out a quick “Aehahahahh!”  And that’s it.  She’ll turn back to you, eyes wide open and not make a sound for another 4 minutes.  In my opinion, this process is Reese’s adorable way of getting our attention and saying to mom and dad, “Hey, I can scream and be cute too.”  Or “Don’t stop looking at me.”

The Eater

I’ve never seen a human being desire so much food.  The solution to the fussing problem is almost always, “Feed me now!”  Mary then enters the room, half zombie, half mother, to feed her some more of that mouth watering milk that she longs for.  Then there are the times where daddy is holding little Reesie close to his chest, when she mistakes daddy for mommy, and sadly comes up empty.  We’ve learned to put a temporary band aid solution on all of Mary’s sufferings.  Me giving her a bottle gives Mary a few extra hours of sleep that she desperately needs.  The thing is, when she gets the bottle from me, she turns into a hyena devouring it’s prey.  Two main problems to Reese’s obvious excitement: 1) She drinks to fast and scares the hay out of me because I think she’s choking, and 2) by the time her feeding is finished, daddy’s shirt is half drenched in her slobbery milk mess.  I’m half milk man, half dad.

Fresh Air

If food’s not the solution, then more than likely she wants to go outside.  She could be screaming her head off for 2 straight hours, but the moment you carry her outside and rock her in the patio rocking chair, she blissfully turns from Hyde to Jekyll and life is grand.

The Hiccups

Did you know that there are cases of permanent hiccups documented?  I only know this because I once feared that I had them.  I spent 3 straight days attempting to scare myself, hold my breath, and stand on my head to void myself of painful hiccups.  I thought my life was over.  I can’t imagine how Reese feels.  She gets a religious case of hiccups at least 5 times a day and handles it gracefully.  Her body jolts and her tiny head hops every three seconds.  An occasional spit up all over herself doesn’t usually stop the hiccups from continuing.

Poor Trash Man

The amount of dirty diapers that Reesie Cup has gone through, would be enough to fill a 2,300 sq. ft. house from floor to ceiling.  Like Joey Chestnut in a Nathan’s hot dog eating contest, I swear Mary and I would devour any competition in diaper changing.  I dare anybody to challenge us.  We could complete the task with our eyes closed, although I know I wouldn’t dare.  Just like a hot dog eating contest, the experience is at times beyond messy and spectating either event could cause a massive and uncontrollable gag reflex.  Reese has had her fair share of explosions, and unfortunately a few of them have been during the middle of a change.  Most recently, yesterday Mary was changing Reese on her pack n play located in the corner of our dining room.  While Mary was going pit crew and changing her into a new diaper, kasplewy, it happened, and it happened everywhere.  Standing in the kitchen I quickly turned in response to Mary’s nervous screaming laugh.  Instantly, like a torpedo shot out of a canon, Reese sent another stream of nastiness flying through the air halfway across the dining room, and landing on parts of our dining room table.  You want to come eat dinner with us at our house?  Boy, have we got a great seat for you! 🙂

“I’ll Sleep Anywhere…

You just have to guess where I’ll fall asleep tonight.”  The car seat, the crib, her changing table, the pack ‘n’ play, the floor in our loft, the couch in our loft, the family room couch, her boppy, her swing, in daddy’s arms, in mommy’s arms.  There isn’t anywhere Reese has not slept.  There isn’t anywhere we haven’t slept.  Many days, she has sleeps in our arms peacefully, but the second we put her down somewhere she wakes up and starts fussing.  It’s almost a funny game and at times frustrating.

Word Game

Adorable, Sweetheart, Cutie, Daddy’s girl, I love Daddy, Mommy’s princess, Mommy’s sweet girl, I love Mommy, Mommy adores me, Daddy adores me, Reds, Buckeyes.  Reese wears a lot of words.  Can you guess what outfits are chosen when Daddy dresses her?


The anticipation of Reese actually doing something other then eating, crying, sleeping, and pooping is priceless.  Last Friday, July 30 at around 7:00 p.m., I swear Reese smiled at me the first time. With eyes wide open staring up at me, her lips harmoniously drifted upwards to form a happy and loving smile.  I about wet myself while we had friends over.  My exuberation was hardly contained.

Daddy/Daughter Moments

Can you guess what has most stressed me out the first month of being a father?  Probably not, because I’m pretty uniquely strange.  I stress more about making sure I’m catching every moment of Reese’s life on camera or video, than anything else.  I sweat blood to make sure that my daughter is shown off to the multitudes.  Unrealistically, I desire for everyone to taste, hear, smell, and touch the special moments that Mary and I experience every day and because it is completely unrealistic, I’m dissatisfied.  Every time I see a baby that belongs to someone else, I want to hold Reese higher so she can flaunt her cute, gentle beauty above all other babies.

The greatest moments are when she’s calm and wide awake cuddled next to me on the couch.  Last night I laid on my side, while Reese lay on her back with her head cradled in the pit of my elbow.  We laid there for what seemed like forever.  I couldn’t help but wonder what goes through her mind.   Bright eyed and staring at me, smacking her lips, breathing softly, occasionally sneezing in my face, and listening to my voice, those are the kind of moments that Reese gives me that would give any father endless butterflies.

Apart from Christ taking on the form of a baby, Reese is the most beautiful baby ever.  Some may think that’s a really cute thing for a dad to say.  But this is not just daddy’s sweet loving opinion, it’s a FACT!  She’s the best!  At the end of every day, the frustrating and exhausting emotions of being a parent are always trumped by our love for her, our love for each other, and our love for our Savior, who’s the one that blessed us with Reese.